Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Challenge!

After a long break of silence I have come back to entertain my family and friends online with a new me. A man that once prided himself on being a country bumpkin, a chic metropolotain man who decided to take on the life of a home husband. After this past change I had decided (as I have now settled into a new home, signed a lease and found 2 amazing jobs to keep me busy) that it was time to freshen the way I live. I had been given a room, a space if you will... not grandiose and no ability to paint, repurpose or destroy the surface walls. But instead of looking at this like a challenge I’m going to take this as an opportunity. I am going to risk the well being of my boyfriend, myself and my roommate in one unbelievable attempt to revamp and stylishly decorate my new bedroom not only on a budget, but on a mission with several simple rules. All items in the room must either be (a) second hand (b) on sale or (c) previously owned, since I’m newly singly (and obviously flat broke for most of my adult life) I’m also going to challenge myself to hold true to a budget. Even as I attempt to let the words slip off my toung and on to this bleak desolate white page I tremble... 320 dollars (that’s Canadian dollars) the challenge to completion? 60 days. Objective? To search every Kijiji add, second hand store and dumpster for amazing finds that can serve the purpose of turning my dark (sad room) into a cheery space that’s both functional and modern. I Michael being of sound mind –and half buzzed off my morning coffee- accept this challenge and the causes and mental break downs that come with it. With that I am off to my first dumpster! HYA!

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