Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to our balcony!

For those of you who have been wondering what we would be doing after the bedroom recreation ( a total room transformation costing less than 100$!) We’ve decided to do a patio re vamp. Searching over the internet these past few days trying to get ideas to create both a urban and homey type of arrangement we noticed there was a shortage on inspiration. Most patio revamps catered to mostly people who either had back yards, or lived in an area that sheltered them from other elements thanks to trees. But when you live in a 14 story building, with tree less surroundings in  a downtown center well my friends... it’s time to get creative.
The space BEFORE:

One thing we don’t seem to be short on for this project is space. Believe me when I say, we have enough. The challenge, to make the space feel less “Long” and more full, there are several challenges to that we need to take into account; we cannot change the walls, put holes in the roof, hang things off the railing oh yes, and it has to be safe (that’s right we’ll have to contain the candles).
After much deliberation and decision making we’ve finally come up with a  pretty unique colour scheme for the space. We’ve been playing with a simple palate of green, purple and natural elements using natural woods. We want the space to have an exotic getaway to it, that’s both functional and easily maintained. Our inspiration?

I guess by now you’re probably getting the general idea of what inspiration we have, comfy, stylish and a very global feel to it – we call it our Babylonian feel – With a little bit of TLC we can definitely make it happen, something we have decided to do is create our own furniture, because the space is a unique shape and quite long we are going to create our own seating to maximize the area and create the most comfortable seating. I’ve begun to map the area out to get an idea what the seating will look like:

Imagine a huge flower pot with large plants on that last one. As I’m sure you’ve read, I’m off to Europe in a few weeks so the balcony is all on the drawing board right now, it’s completion may take a few weeks... but we are focused! Once we come up with a solid plan I’ll share our ideas with you – and we’ll have a phase list to complete! Here’s to summer!

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