Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

It’s been a cold past few days, the frost nestling nicely on my downtown window. Anyone waking up would look out the window with a smile, and curl up under their blankets slightly peeking up over the blankets looking outside. Of course, when you lack a duvet for your duvet cover (yes... I have been sleeping in just a duvet cover! Don’t judge me! ^_^)
So this morning when I went out I had only one thing in mind! HEAT! Or at least more heat then I was getting from two sheets and a duvet cover ( I do believe that would qualify as 4 ply?). Of course being on a budget and having the holidays come up I knew that only one place would fit my frugal budget, so off I went to home sense to pick up warmth.

After a bit of hard work and some simple shopping I got my new duvet for only a total cost of 40$! Not too shabby for a day’s work! Of course its synthetic no ducks came to harm during the building of this blanket! So right now... even as I write you this....
I am sitting curled up under the layers of blankets and sheets that is my bed. Looking out the window at downtown Edmonton.
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