Monday, December 16, 2013

The Twelve Days Of Christmas: Day 8

So you're ready to have some family over for the holidays, and you're not sure what to do. You've played games -- pin the tail on Uncle Nick -- you're unsure of what to do to keep all of them occupied.

My suggestion?

Family movie night, pop the popcorn (or even better string it!) get some punch out of the fridge -- be creative serve champagne to the adults with some festive pomegranate seeds. Or use some lemon lime pop and orange juice to create a yummy punch. What is Guy On The Move going to offer you? -- an awesome list of some of the best Holidays Movies/shows of all time (or at least the ones that I love every year). So you focus on the popcorn and punch and allow me to offer some helpful suggestions on some wonderful classics.

12. It's a Wonderful life - This instant holiday classic has a warm story line and is a good reminder of the important things that we have in our lives.

11. Elf - A movie that will keep you laughing the whole way through, great for family and friends its a great way to learn the true secret of spreading Christmas cheer "singing loud for all to hear"

10. Mickeys Christmas Carol - I remember watching this a child every year on the television. I also have a copy of the audio story on vinyl... Because it's instantly a classic and a great family tradition.

9. Santa Clause (1987) -- The underrated classic that no one seems to have ever heard of, it captures more of a traditional idea of what St. Nicolas would be like. A movie I highly recommend watching at least once in your life time.

8. The Bishops Wife - I actually just found this movie this year. I am always looking to be wowed by old fashion Christmas movies. And this one fits the bill! It'll give you warm and cozy feelings for days!

7. It Happened on 5th Avenue - A old fashion movie that adds a special something to the holidays. Its a twist on putting the shoe on the other foot. A very wealthy family pretends to be hobos so that their daughter has a chance at love.

6. Judy Garland Christmas Special (1963) - I love this special, at first I won't lie I thought that Judy was extremely in love with Christmas. But reviews on the internet confirm what I was starting to suspect, that she could have had a little nip before the show. Never the less, the songs are heart warming, the cast is amazing. And I would love to marry Jack Jones. Best part is you can watch it online for free here!

5. Miracle 34th Street -- Both the classic and the new version hold their own. But nothing says merry Christmas like believing in Mr. Clause.

4. Holiday Inn -- Something interesting that not very many people are aware of is this movie came out before "White Christmas" and is the reason that famous Bing song became so famous. A great holiday show! Beware -- if you don't like singing and dancing -- this show might not be for you.
3. Santa Clause -- I Unlike most of the holiday classics I have listed, I actually remember this one coming out on VHS -- yup I said it... VHS and I'm not afraid to use it. A great holiday classic and possibly one of my favorite santa themed movies of all time.

2. White Christmas -- I've most likely watched this movie about 300 times, first with my mother when I was about 14 and then every year I would randomly pop this in the DVD player and watch it all year long. It's a classic. A wonderful light hearted classic that can put any one in the Christmas spirit.

1. Christmas in Connecticut -- I save the best for last, not many people have heard of this movie and yet it's one of the best ones I've ever seen. It's a tale of a writer who has to fake shes a mother and lives on a farm to save her job. It's full of wonderful scenes and is not overly Christmas heavy -- with only one part of singing. It's a great movie for the whole family and is what guy on the move recommends movie wise this year.

Now that you're ready for your Christmas movie night! I think I may just do the same and start to plan one myself with some dear friends. Because nothing is more Christmas-y than surrounding yourself with family and friends over a bowl of popcorn (and if you're lucky some cookies as well)

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